$14,000 By the End of This Month

According to SonicTrade, the leading trader at Crypto Maximum, BTC is likely to reach its short term heights by this upcoming September. Once BTC reaches its target, the milestones then will shift to $16,000 and $20,000.

BTC to Reach $14,000

After breaking through its previous target $11,640, Bitcoin is now bullish, heading toward its next destination, $14,000. This crypto news is excellent for position traders who may feel comfortable in their “long” positions now. By selling your BTC somewhere in between $13,147 and $13,970, and then repurchasing your crypto by reentering the market once the correction is over, you can earn a profit of around 1%. HODLers don’t have to worry at this point. The uptrend is clear right now. Nothing indicates the change anytime soon.

Bitcoin News: BTC Will Reach $14,000 By the End of This Month

Bitcoin News on the Web

The news aggregators remain still. The Bitcoin-related content is rather neutral these days, which is a perfect indicator of the market’s stability. The market manipulators are not planning to dump Bitcoin price in the nearest future. Once you start noticing big announcements on Forbes, CNBC, and Bloomberg, it will be time for you to sell your digital assets. For now, the market is healthy.

Bitcoin News on the Web

More Opportunities for HODLers

To take additional advantages of long term HODLing, crypto enthusiasts can use platforms like Celsius.network and Bitrue that offer 7.3% annual interest in cryptocurrency investments. By keeping your crypto in safe digital asset storage, you will be increasing your digital coins in size over some time.

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