It’s probably not news to you how rapidly technology is advancing these days, especially in matters of security, both personal and national. The urgent need for stealthier ways to approach enemies has brought about drone technology. New technologies have made drones smaller and more efficient. Nowadays, there are drones and spying robots that aren’t much bigger than insects. This development, of course, has helped to take personal security to a whole new level. Today’s reality — after 40 years of trial and error, intense research, and development — is this: You can own your very own little flying insect-robot that is better than a drone!

MetaFly Flying Insect-Robot

Over the years, technology has turned dreams and imagination into reality. One such dream-turned-reality is the MetaFly flying insect-robot. If you install a camera on it, it turns into a secret weapon that can spy on others — especially the guy who likes to bully you! This insect-sized robot is equipped with a customizable tail angle that makes navigation easy. You navigate the robot by using a remote control with a wireless range of 100 meters. It can travel as fast as 18 kilometers per hour for up to 8 minutes at a time.

The flying insect-robot is one of a kind. In fact, it is designed to be less prone to crashes. Because it mimics the natural movement of flying animals, you could even mistake it for a giant butterfly.

Use the Spy Insect for Safety and Security

You might imagine installing a camera on the MetaFly insect-robot so that you can spy on others. You might have thought that you shouldn’t do so. However, think about it. Installing cameras on robots is not unusual. You might have heard of a nanny cam, which helps parents to monitor a nanny’s behavior around the kids. If you consider the topic, spying robots are in the same class of devices as nanny cams and button microphones. You can use a nice MetaFly for the purposes of safety and security.

With the recent introduction of cool devices such as MetaFly, we can create better surroundings around us. These devices are great to have if you ever want to participate in some safety and security exercises!