Preserve Your Hairstyle: A Sweat-Free Workout in a Blink Fitness Is Now Possible

Exercising is an enjoyable part of everyday life. However, exercising before work hours or even during your lunch break means that you can break a sweat and ruin your hairstyle. However, there is good news. Now, there is a solution for people who do not want to mess up their hairstyles while they exercise. A small startup recently rolled out a fitness accessory called the Tight and Right Fitness Cap. This patented technology guarantees protection for your salon-quality hairstyle from sweat, humidity, and exercise damage. Now, you don’t have to choose between preserving your hair and working out at the gym.

Tight and Right Fitness Cap

The fitness cap is designed to be sleek and modern, looking like a regular baseball cap to go with any activewear. However, underneath the cap, the cooling system moves air through the hair at a high velocity. The system facilitates rapid cooling to prevent sweat from forming. The cap contains an absorptive material which attracts vapor and moisture.

Right now, the Tight and Right Fitness Cap hooks up to a home delivery system. However, the company is working on getting license agreements with fitness equipment manufacturers to have the technology built into equipment for gyms everywhere. Users can then bring their caps with them to their gyms and plug their caps into the equipment. Also in the works are the Tight and Right Pineapple Fitness Cap, the Tight and Right Shower Cap, and the Tight and Right Sleep Cap.

The Tight and Right Fitness Cap is a great fitness accessory for people who struggle with messy hairstyles after their workouts. Reduce your visits to the salon and your post-workout prep time. The next time you visit your local Blink Fitness gym, bring the Tight and Right Fitness Cap with you.