Top 3 Quality Blockchain Search Engines That Might Outcompete Google

Searching for results on the internet is almost an everyday thing, if you participate in the modern age. Now, more users are starting to become aware of blockchain. While there is no working product as of yet for many blockchain search projects, they usually have a whitepaper. Google started developing a blockchain search engine to help with searches on blockchain data. Here is a list of top search engines on blockchain that might outcompete Google.

Top 1 Quality Blockchain Search Engine: Presearch

Presearch is a decentralized search engine. With over 250,000 users using Presearch, the Beta version has already reached thousands of interested users. The beta version allows one to collect PRE tokens while searching, as well as customizing searches.

Top 2 Quality Blockchain Search Engine: BlockBar

BlockBar is a search engine platform that can help one track transactions for asset management purposes. It helps users track their crypto assets across exchanges, wallets, and currencies. Even more, it includes a cryptoworld directory that lists various projects. Thus, rather than using official explorers by individual cryptocurrencies, users can use BlockBar to search for data in one place.

Top 3 Quality Blockchain Search Engine: Waltonchain

Waltonchain aims to become the ‘Google search engine’ of blockchain, according to the Waltonchain CEO Mo Bing. The company is combining blockchain, RFID technology, and IoT. Overall, the combination of this will mean that RFID chips will be able to generate ID hashes and upload them to the blockchain. Thus, this process will improve the efficiency of operations including clothing identification, food & drug traceability, and logistics tracking.

Due to all these developments, we predict an era where blockchain can track everything. Because of the use of RFID chips, information can quickly scan to the blockchain for easy access and tracking. And, the world might get to a point where RFID chips are required to process transactions for uploading to the blockchain.