How to Make $1M on Amazon in 1 Year; Make Money on Amazon Quickly

Many of us want to create wealth for ourselves, and many of us see Amazon as a way to do it. Startups all over the world are using Amazon to sell their products and give their stores a face. While some of these startups struggle to become profitable, others are able to reach profit in a few years. And, not only do they make money, but they make a LOT of it, by an average person’s standards.

How One Guy Did It on Amazon

Back when I used to live in New York, I found a private owner on Craigslist who was going to sell a Dodge car. I met up with this guy, and we had to take the car for an inspection. Along the way, the older gentleman told me the story of how his son created a profitable Amazon business.

How his son created a profitable Amazon business was by selling diamonds. Of course, a lot of work went into it. He was importing diamonds from one country, and he was selling them on the platform under his online store name. The son was an expert on diamonds. After a few years of hard work, the son was able to buy a house for himself on Long Island; he was even looking to buy a second house right after buying the first house.

So, there is a way to get super successful on Amazon. All it requires is a little bit of patience and dedication to your one mission. You will need to know your product inside and out. Also, you will need to find a profitable niche.

You Do Not Need to Sell Diamonds

To reach the million-dollar mark in your Amazon business, you do not need to sell diamonds. What you will need is a good strategy. From all the online stories of successful Amazon sellers and the ones that I have heard, you will need to take advantage of different markets.

Taking advantage of different markets can mean different things for people. For example, you can buy your items in one country and sell them in another country. Or, like some other Amazon sellers do, you can sell a limited selection of items in different countries; with this strategy, sellers aim to make at least several daily sales of each item in each country. The key is choosing the right items to sell.