Police Will Use This Tool to Check How Fat You Are?

Cops can check people on Friday nights with a breathalyzer test and determine how much alcohol is in their blood. One startup, a supporter of the keto diet, invented something similar, to check how much acetone is in your blood. Wouldn’t it be funny if the fat police started using this device to check how much acetone is in your blood? All jokes aside, this is a useful tool for losing weight. 

Keto Diet Promises to Have You Lose Fat

For people who like to eat delicious foods but also want to lose weight, this seems to be like a hard balance. However, ketogenic diet supporters point out that the diet is very effective in helping you do both.

The keto diet is a diet that is low in carbohydrates and high in fats. The low levels of carbs cause your blood sugar levels to drop, and your body begins breaking down fat to use as energy. The name of this process is ketosis. One consequence of the fatty acid breakdown is that ketone molecules build up in your bloodstream. Also, when you are in ketosis, acetone shows up in your breath.

KEYTO Tool Checks Your Acetone Levels

The team behind the KEYTO tool points out that if you have the proper feedback, the keto diet can be effective for weight loss. Thus, they invented the KEYTO tool that checks your acetone levels. According to this team, acetone marks your level of ketosis.

The KEYTO tool checks your acetone levels with just one breath. With the reading, it determines whether your body is ready to burn fat. It lets you know your KEYTO Level, which ranges from 1-10. And, with the readings, you can adjust your diet for the results that you would like.

How the tool works is that it uses a nanosensor for acetone. The nanosensor has a combination of metal surrounded by oxide. The acetone in your breath produces a current when it comes into contact with the sensor. This current converts into a digital signal that a microcontroller receives. Then, the signal is sent to the app through Bluetooth, and the app converts the signal into the KEYTO level.

Does the Ketogenic Diet Work?

The ketogenic diet is very controversial. The supporters of this diet say that it helps users with weight loss, muscle endurance, and an increase in energy. However, others say that the keto diet should only be used under clinical supervision and should only be for brief periods. This is because, they say, the diet will not keep your weight off long-term. (I did try a keto diet before and it was temporarily successful. I did get my weight back, so there are other things that I need to do to keep it off.)

Besides, there are also other breathalyzer devices on the market for any fat police; there are those that monitor carbon dioxide levels and hydrogen levels. However, there are questions as to whether these breathalyzers are accurate measurements for food digestion.