You Can Now Purchase a Fake Friend for Your Pet

Of all the top things that you might want to get for your pet, a fake friend perhaps has not crossed your mind. But, fake friends can come in the form of smart robots. And, there is a smart robot out there for dogs and cats.

VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot Keeps Your Pet Active

For all of the obese dogs and cats out there, a smart robot exists that can help them lose weight. And, the smart robot can also be a substitute babysitter or fake friend, giving out snacks as it moves around. Of course, your pet will need to get up to get the snacks.

The fake friend robot will help keep your cat or dog physically active and mentally stimulated when you are not around. The VARRAM pet fitness robot can interact with your pet around the room, moving around as it dispenses treats. Furthermore, the FDA-approved material is safe for pets. The hands-free device has an automatic obstacle avoidance system, which means that it can move around floor obstacles pretty easily. It can also drive over large obstacles. With its construction, it can move over a carpet easily and take hits without damage. It has a five stimulus artificial intelligence system, and it is smart enough to know when your pet is not close. It can also get your pet to interact with it again.

Control the Device Through Your App

As the pet owner, you can remote control the device’s settings through an app. The settings include how many treats your pet can have and how long your pet needs to play. So, you can do your other activities peacefully while the robot entertains your pet at home.

Pet Fake Friend Device Has a Retail Price of $129

The device has a retail price of $129, according to its Indiegogo campaign. While the fake friend robot might seem costly, think of how much you would need to pay for a dog or cat sitter. Thumbtack lists pet sitting prices at $25 for a half-hour visit. So, all you would need to do is to use the fake friend robot for 3 hours to make the money back.