Fortnite YouTuber "Stole" $2K from Fans; WTF?

For those of us who play Fortnite, what makes the game so memorable are its dance moves. Although there is some controversy surrounding the dance moves, it does not stop players from playing the game. And, one Fortnite player and YouTuber profited by “dabbing” for 10 hours, using the Infinite Dab emote. In fact, Luke TheNotable made $2K in fan donations.

Fortnite YouTuber Dabbed for 10 Hours

The Fortnite player and YouTuber, Luke TheNotable, streamed his character dabbing for 10 hours. Dabbing is a dance move where someone drops his or her head into the crook of a slanted arm, and raises his or her other arm in a parallel fashion.

You might be wondering why anyone would dab for 10 hours. Well, the player reasoned that he would do it, as the Infinite Dab emote recently updated per the notes in Fortnite v7.10. The emote now seems to be as infinite as most players can tolerate, as it will last for 10 hours.

As the character dabbed 2 times per second, it dabbed approximately 72K times over the course of the 10 hour stream. Occasionally, Luke TheNotable joined his character in dabbing, but he mostly talked with his viewers and answered their questions. Also, during the stream, the Fortnite player’s character stopped dabbing once in a while, due to the video creator visiting other menus or other reasons.

Even more, other players joined the dabbing. Thus, it was not just Luke TheNotable dabbing. The other players kept him company, while fans poured in donations.

Luke TheNotable Made $2K in Donations

The player, Luke TheNotable, made $2K in donations. Consequently, he decided to pass the earnings on to other streamers. He found other players by browsing through YouTube Gaming’s selection of streamers. Then, he donated money to them, too, before he ran into the limit of $500 per day.

While we believe that Fortnite is a great game, we would not necessarily “dab” for 10 hours, for fun. Thus, this guy deserves a thumbs up for his stamina. Although, the amount of $2K in donations seems unreasonably large to us, for watching a digital character do dance moves. It does seem funny.