Fortnite's Bush Will Be Trimmed; PlayStation Fans Are Happy?

Fortnite Battle Royale is full of interesting tools and toys. If you have an avatar and play Battle Royale online, you might be familiar with Fortnite’s bush. The bush allows you to take cover under a bush while you move around. Thus, it disguises you. You can play Fortnite on PlayStation and other devices.

While the Fortnite Bush is useful, many believe that the bush only dilutes the Loot pool. This is because there are many other better toys out there, like guns that you can loot from the cabins. The complaints about the bush have prompted the Fortnite Design Lead to respond.

Fortnite’s Bush Will Be Trimmed

The Fortnite Design Lead, Eric, responded to complaints that the bush did not make users feel so legendary. One user suggested that the bush give protection from one shot. This is because Fortnite is a game where players shoot others, to be the last one(s) standing.

To the suggestion, Eric responded that the team has been looking at ways to improve the Bush’s effectiveness. Thus, the one-shot protection is in discussion and is in the running. Eric went on to mention other proposed changes, such as reducing the number of leaves that block your view. He pointed out that the number of leaves can be a point of frustration.

PlayStation Fans Are Happy?

While reducing the number of leaves that block a user’s view can make the user see better, it does not seem like this proposal generated much excitement. Users seemed to like the idea of the bush absorbing one shot much more than a reduction in the number of leaves. Judging by user comments, they wanted the bush to hide them better, such as letting them have silent footsteps.

It seems as if the Fortnite bush, a legendary item, has created a lot of controversy and discussion. For us, specifically, we would just like it if our Fortnite avatars can take the bush off if necessary.