New Tech Nike Shoes to Help You Jump 1.5 Times Higher?

All right, guys. There comes a time when any person is too old to tie his or her own shoes; there could be back issues, there could be hand arthritis issues, you name it. And, you just might be an NBA star who cannot afford to spend the time to tie your own shoes. So, what does Nike do? It comes out with Nike shoes that you can control through your phone app. The shoe is called the Adapt BB.

Nike Shoes Feel Like You Are Wearing a Robot

The Nike shoes make you feel like you are wearing a robot. You can adjust the tightness of the shoe by adjusting the settings through your phone. While you are adjusting the settings, there is a whirring noise while your shoe changes. It is quite creepy.

Nike Self-Tying Shoes to Help You Jump 1.5 Times Higher?

As to whether the Nike self-tying shoes will help you jump 1.5 times higher, one guy says he could not perform a basketball dunk. That is unfortunate, because these shoes are $350 USD before taxes.

However, the man did say that he was able to tighten his shoes very tightly, which means that they were a snug fit. He was very uncomfortable wearing them and knowing that there was a computer inside.

Shoes Have Different Color Lights

These shoes are so fancy that you can select the color of lights you want on them. You just need to do this through the phone app. And, you will need to make sure to charge your shoe so that you can control the settings.

Smallest Size for Women Is Size 8.5

While the shoes can be unisex, the smallest size for women will be a size 8. This is because, according to reports, the range of the shoe is in men’s sizing, with its smallest size being 7. When converted to women’s sizing, it is size 8.5. That is unfortunate, because some female athletes may have smaller shoe sizes.