More People to Hate SpaceX; Here Is Why

Right now, when employers are having trouble finding talent to fill job positions, SpaceX is cutting jobs. The estimate of job cuts is 600. And, the internal memo follows its employees’ hard work to make SpaceX’s first launch of 2019. The question is, should you hate SpaceX after these job cuts?

SpaceX Launched Rocket Before It Cut Jobs

SpaceX had its first rocket launch and landing of 2019, on January 11. The Elon Musk-headed company had its most successful 12-month period in 2018. However, following this successful rocket launch and good news, the company sent a memo around that it is cutting jobs and parting ways with some hardworking employees.

SpaceX’s First Mission Launch of 2019

The company’s first mission of 2019 was on January 11. SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket took 10 Iridium satellites into orbit. The 10 satellites are to replace Iridium’s satellites that launched from 1997 through 2002. They are part of Iridium’s satellite “constellation,” which are 75 new satellites that could help with air traffic control and change international air travel. And, they form the largest communications network in orbit around Earth.

What Did the Memo Say?

It looks like SpaceX will be going through some restructuring. In an internal memo, the SpaceX president, Gwynne Shotwell, said that the company made a very difficult but necessary decision. And, the memo indicated that the company must get leaner, by parting ways with some hard workers. All this is so that the company could continue to develop its reusable rocket system while also carrying out missions.

Is SpaceX Profitable?

The job cuts seem to suggest that, despite all of the media attention, SpaceX is not so profitable after all. Either that, or it is facing massive competition. And, there might be financial difficulties ahead, even as SpaceX tries to bring on more investors.

Should You Hate SpaceX?

While we like Elon Musk and his outlook for Mars, we cannot help but wonder what makes SpaceX better than its competitors. In fact, the Boeing CEO claimed that Boeing will be the first to arrive on Mars. According to the Boeing CEO, the company is working with NASA on the project. This might be one of the reasons why SpaceX expects tough times ahead. The job cuts seem to confirm that the company is losing steam.