Cartel to Purchase Mexican iPhone Cases?

One of the projects on Kickstarter was an iPhone case printout project by a team located in Queretaro, Mexico. The project asked for funding to back the design printout and production of iPhone cases. While it drew $0 in funding on Kickstarter, the website is up and running. Due to the iPhone case project’s location, it might draw interest from the local cartel groups. After all, the Phantom Secure CEO allegedly sold custom blackberries to the Sinaloa Drug Cartel.

Cartel to Purchase Mexican iPhone Cases?

iPhone Cases in Queretaro, Mexico

The team, XYCasesMéxico, has its base in Queretaro, Mexico. And, the team designs super expensive iPhone cases. One iPhone case costs $299. To put this into perspective, the average household income in Mexico is $843 a month. The team indicated on Kickstarter that it did not have enough funds to design and produce the iPhone cases. Most suppliers required very high order quantities, and the team did not have enough economic resources to do so.

What is odd is that the team did not raise enough funding on Kickstarter; but somehow the website is up and running. The incredible price of the iPhone cases and the website’s Spanish language, we believe that only very wealthy Spanish-speaking people or members of the cartel can afford them.

iPhone Cases Are so Expensive Only the Cartel Can Afford

Because the iPhone case team has a location in Queretaro, Mexico, we took a look at the region. And, it turns out that Queretaro, Mexico is where the police arrested one of the most wanted drug dealers, Angel Humberto Chavez Gastelum. Chavez Gastelum is also known as “El Netflix.” He is thought to be the new leader of the Sinaloa Cartel. For those of you who do not know, the famous El Chapo was a former leader of the Sinaloa Cartel.

Based on documents of the arrest of the Phantom Secure CEO, the Sinaloa Drug Cartel had demanded custom blackberries. It would not be too much of a reach to think they also might like custom iPhone accessories. After all, the cases have excellent custom designs. What do you think?