Scientist Found an Alien Sun That Is Feeding UFO

Is Alien Sun feeding UFO? There is a very large star that scientists just found. And, this star is a baby star. A gigantic stellar flare was seen on this star, which was about 10,000 times bigger than the largest solar flare on our own Sun. This star is called the NGTS J121939.5-355557. And, it is 685 light years away, far away from our own solar system.

Scientist Found an Alien Sun That Is Feeding UFO

The Baby Sun Is 2 Million Years Old

This star is 2 million years old, so scientists consider it to be a baby. So, it is still in the first 1 percent of its lifetime. Indeed, the star still has to grow to the size that it spends the majority of its lifecycle. It is much cooler than our solar system’s Sun, by about 2,000 degrees.

University of Warwick PhD Student Discovered Stellar Flare

The University of Warwick PHD student James Jackman found the stellar flare as part of a project exploring explosions on stars outside of our solar system. He did a large flare survey of thousands of stars, using the NGTS telescope array in Chile. Stellar flares occur when the star’s magnetic field re-arranges itself. This process sends out huge amounts of energy.

James says that the star usually shows little activity and a regular brightness. Then, on one night, it grew an extreme of seven times brighter than normal for a few hours, before it went back to normal. This was a highly unusual activity

Alien Sun Is Feeding UFO?

Being 685 light years away, NGTS J121939.5-355557 leaves much to the imagination. But, with UFO enthusiasts crying out that the UFOs use the sun and solar flares to refuel, you can’t help but wonder if there are UFOs 685 light years away. If there are these UFOs, perhaps they need to refuel at stars like the baby star mentioned above. As it is, solar flares give out massive amounts of energy. If a spacecraft does not melt during this process, it can siphon energy in some way, UFO enthusiasts believe. But, Earth technology is not there as of yet.