Organic Coca-Cola Is Healing People from Obesity?

Coca-Cola is taking a step towards better health. This move is not surprising. Because many other food brands, including McDonald’s, have endured customer criticism regarding the health of their food products. Sure, Coca-Cola does not serve burgers. But it is taking steps to make its drinks have more natural sources, less sugar, or organic sources. In its recent announcement, the company said it was helping to support the fight against obesity.

Organic Coca-Cola Is Healing People from Obesity?

Coca-Cola Healing People from Obesity?

Coca-Cola says it listened to its customers. Its announcement states that it wants to help support the fight against obesity. Thus, it is moving to reduce sugar in more than 500 drinks around the world. What this means is that Coca-Cola is investing in alternatives to sugar, and looking into smaller packaging.

This announcement is having us wonder about several things: is Cola more concerned about the appearance of looking like its drinks are healthier, rather than making them healthier? The language of the announcement mostly focuses on reducing sugar, rather than making its drinks more organic, despite mentioning organic considerations.

Reducing Sugar Means Sugar Alternatives

And, we all know that reducing sugar means sugar alternatives. Whether or not sugar alternatives are bad for you remains to be a question. Although, Coca-Cola does say that it includes artificial sweeteners as sugar substitutes. According to Harvard, the research on the use of sugar alternatives shows mixed findings. However, studies of sugar alternatives have been linked to increased diabetes 2 risk. Researchers are just not sure whether people at risk for diabetes 2 start drinking sugar alternative drinks, or whether these drinks are causing diabetes 2.

The question remains whether Cola is really going organic with its drinks, or whether this is just another way to market a so-called “healthy” lifestyle. The research on artificial sweeteners will have to be definitive, for us to decide if Coca-Cola sugar alternative drinks are really healthy.