Doctors Say McDonalds Is Healthy; What About Burger King?

Is McDonalds healthy? Well, it was hard to tell up until now. There are definitely some improvements. Thus, McDonalds is getting healthier. The popular fast food restaurant began making changes to its burgers. Today, the burgers have no artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors. Sure, the pickles still have an artificial preservative; but customers can skip it. To make the positive change, McDonalds worked with 4 Iowa natives. The competitor, Burger King, will need to catch up. If it wants to stay on top of the healthy fast food game, it needs to improve.

Doctors Say McDonald's Is Healthy; What About Burger King? McDonalds

McDonalds Classic Burgers Have No Artificial Preservatives

MCD classic burgers have no artificial preservatives, artificial flavors, or added colors from artificial sources. That is according to the recent announcement. The classic burgers include the following: the hamburger; the cheeseburger; the double cheeseburger; the McDouble; the Quarter Pounder with Cheese; the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese; and the Big Mac.

McDonalds Is Working with Iowans to Implement Its Health Strategy

MCD is working with native Iowans to implement its updated health strategy. These professionals include Dr. Cindy Goody, Chef Chad Schafer, Chef Mike Lingo, and Iowa restaurant owner Kevin O’Brien.

The professionals are carrying out different roles in this large implementation. For instance, Dr. Cindy Goody provides her food and nutrition science expertise for strategic purposes. Chef Chad Schafer works on planning McDonald’s transition from frozen to fresh beef patties. Chef Mike Lingo led the development of McDonalds line of Signature Crafted Recipes; and, he also helped with the recipe revision of McNuggets. It helped the company to avoid using chickens with antibiotics. Kevin O’Brien helped to provide feedback. He also helped with the direction on new and existing menu items.

Burger King to Copy?

While MCD is offering anti artificial menu choices, we cannot help but wonder what Burger King will offer. Perhaps, it will follow a positive trend. The fast food competitor is another burger chain famous for over use of antibiotics in beef items. Sure, the past was dark; however, let us hope that the future is going to be brighter. Today, Burger King is trying to rebrand itself as “healthy”. Thus, it already began offering salads and smoothies, among other items. Let us hope that this will continue. Maybe, it will also rethink its menu to become more non-artificial. Who knows.