Garbage Ikea Furniture Is the Next Big Thing

Ikea, a furniture retailer that many of us have grown to love, has started a new frenzy. Furniture that is made of recycled plastic and looks like Ikea furniture is the next big thing. Just like the Ikea Odger chair, which is made of recycled plastic, one interior design team has created the recycled carbon chair.

The Ikea-Like Recycled Carbon Chair Passed Its Funding Goal

The recycled carbon chair by Label BREED, has met and passed its funding goal of approximately $32k. So far, with 107 backers and more time left to go, funding has already reached $42,812. This means a lot in terms of consumer and backer taste; the startup wants to take on the problems of the world and re-use garbage. And it seems like the organization is doing a good job. The process of reusing carbon material to create a chair is a great way to go.

Recycled Carbon Is Indestructible

In general, carbon waste is nearly indestructible, so it often ends up in landfills or hidden in other areas. However, this design team, Label BREED, had its designer work with engineers at NLR, the Dutch Aerospace Center. Together, they found a way to use the fiber placement robot at the Center to create a carbon chair.

The Project Is Expanding

The project got a lot of attention. In fact, a museum purchased a previous biodegradable chair that the brand designed; but, it was too expensive. Now, the team is designing a consumer chair which will be cheaper. To raise enough money to make a mold to mass-produce the chair, the team is fundraising on Kickstarter. And, if it makes enough money, it will make the mold for a recycled carbon table. And the team can keep producing recycled carbon items, as it already has the necessary partnerships in place.

The modern world is getting to a point where people are getting smarter. They realize that if they do not solve their own problems, these problems will fester. So, many people are taking it upon themselves to help solve world problems that others helped to create. In fact, even the backers who want the project to succeed have to pledge over US $300 per person. That is a lot of money! And, it is much more expensive than Ikea’s Odger chair, which is currently $89; it proves that people want the item.

Garbage Ikea Furniture Is the Next Big Thing