German Fake iPhone Goes Nuts: 5 Weird Facts

What is weirder than a German fake phone? It is a German fake iPhone. This “Magic Phone” is called just that. The German ‘fake iPhone’ goes nuts with its features. And, below are 5 weird facts about the phone.

German Fake iPhone Goes Nuts: 5 Weird Facts

NUMBER ONE WEIRD FACT: The ‘Fake iPhone’ Is Made of One Piece

The vision that the creator had for this phone is that it has one single material. The prototype that is on Kickstarter consists of a cast and some material. From the designs, though, the phone seems to come in different colors. 

NUMBER TWO WEIRD FACT: The ‘Fake iPhone’ Will Have Induction Charging Station

The smartphone will have an induction charging station. It means that the phone does not need to touch the charging station to charge. And, the creator’s intention is to have the phone charge within a 50 cm distance of the station.

NUMBER THREE WEIRD FACT: The Material Seems to Be Glass

For glass enthusiasts, you will like this phone. Based on the text, the main material for the phone seems to be glass. And, there does not seem to be any metal casing on the phone. So, we are wondering how the material will resist shattering. 

NUMBER FOUR WEIRD FACT: Finger Unlock Function Across the Whole Front

Also, another weird fact about the phone design has to do with the finger unlock function. Indeed, it seems to have the function across the entire front screen of the phone. Thus, the idea is that the finger can unlock the phone from a range of area on the phone screen.


The number five weird fact about this “magical phone” is that there are invisible cameras. The front camera design includes a camera that remains hidden, until you need it. The back camera is invisible in the glass, as well. 

While we appreciate the vision and the plan for this “magical phone,” we also ask ourselves if it is realistic. So far, there does not seem to be any real working prototype as of yet.