Communism iPhone Charger: 3 Things You Didn’t Know

We have all heard of those ‘communists’. This word links to the concept of a “commune,” a place where its inhabitants share all economic production. Thus, in a commune, everyone benefits from each other’s materials. Communist societies do not always work out, but the idea of sharing resources appeases some. And, here is now a communism iPhone charger: the Battery Share Cable, by Volt Electronics.

The Battery Share Cable Has Communism Ideals

The Battery Share Cable by Volt Electronics has some communism ideals. It allows people to share their phone battery with someone else. This is the very definition of helping out a friend or helping out a stranger in need.

Of course, a short version and a long version of the cable are on offer. With three different connectors, USB-A, USB-C, and USB-Micro, the charger is versatile. The charger can plug into smartphones. (Although, per the creator Volt Electronics, it will not work with Apple devices.) It can also plug into other devices, like speakers or headphones. Even more, the cables can sync information between two devices, like your phone with your computer. Likewise, it can also exchange information between your phone and the other phone, so be careful!

Communism iPhone Charger: 3 Things You Didn’t Know
Courtesy of Volt Electronics

We All Run out of Phone Battery at Some Point

Certainly, each of us runs out of phone battery at some point. And, maybe we need just a little more to get home safely. If you are walking with a friend, you can charge your phone using your friend’s phone battery (if your friend is willing)! Or, you can offer your phone battery, which is full, to charge your friend’s phone.

This device will surely improve relationships, as the people become mutually dependent. One person’s resource becomes your resource, and vice versa at some other time. Or, on the alternative side, get a phone charger!

Communism iPhone Charger: 3 Things You Didn’t Know