Now You Can Make Blue Bottle Coffee at Home

Blue Bottle Coffee is famous for its pour-over coffee. Thus, many people consider this coffee to be artisanal food, like wine. Now, you can make your own Blue Bottle Coffee at home. For that, you will need to use an Aeropress Coffee Maker. Additionally, for 2 servings at the same time, you can get its 2POUR accessory.

Now You Can Make Blue Bottle Coffee at Home

Blue Bottle Coffee Method

The Blue Bottle Coffee method involves a few minutes of your time. So, it is not easy! What you will need to do is to pour water over your ground coffee beans. You can do this a number of times, each time thoroughly passing water through your ground coffee.

Aeropress Coffee Maker Offers Pour Over Method

A quick way for you to accomplish the pour-over method, with limited time spent, is to get the Aeropress Coffee Maker. You add a small amount of ground coffee and pour a larger amount of water over it. You stir the mixture, and then let it steam for a minute. Finally, you can press down on the plunger. As the result, the coffee liquid releases down into your cup.

Now You Can Make Blue Bottle Coffee at Home

2POUR for 2 Cups of Coffee

If you relish drinking coffee with your relative or with your friend, and you enjoy sharing experiences, 2POUR is your solution. Moreover, you will no longer need to make 1 cup twice.

The 2POUR accessory is easy-to-use and convenient. It has 2 spouts that are on opposite sides of each other, 1 for each cup. You will just need to put the device under the Aeropress Coffee Maker. Additionally, you can follow the usual steps for the Aeropress Coffee Maker, except that you would put in a higher ratio of ground coffee to water. The plunger will push the liquid down both spouts of the 2POUR device, into 2 cups of coffee. In addition, you can top-off both cups with water to taste.

The Aeropress Coffee Maker and 2POUR accessory are ingenious. Thus, for those of you who like the pour-over method from Blue Bottle Coffee, but can’t spare the time, these two are for you.