Instagram Voice Messaging Is Killing Its Father, Facebook; People Are Happy

Instagram seems to be killing its father, Facebook. The struggle has to do with the rollout of Instagram voice messaging. The Instagram voice messaging feature will directly compete with Facebook’s messaging feature.

People are happy; but, the win might not be for long. The new blockchain tech threatens old social media networks.

Instagram Voice Messaging Is Killing Its Father, Facebook; People Are Happy

Instagram Voice Messaging to Compete with Facebook Messenger

On December 10, Instagram Direct rolled out voice messaging globally. The voice messaging feature allows users to push a button for the microphone to record a short voice message. The voice message appears as an audio wave; and, it can be up to 1 minute long. The user receiving the message can decide when to listen to it.

The new Instagram Direct voice messaging feature will need to compete with others in the market. In particular, it will have to compete with Facebook Messenger.

Facebook famously bought Instagram a few years back. However, Instagram is developing a bunch of cool features; and, as a result, it is slowly killing the parent company.

Instagram Fans Are Happy

Many opt to use Instagram for their social media; thus, Instagram fans are happy. This comes at a time when Facebook seems to be losing its younger crowd.

The research firm, eMarketer, predicts that 2 million people under 25 will stop using Facebook by the end of this year. Additionally, the firm’s analyst says that many teens now prefer networks like Instagram or Snapchat.

Per eMarketer, Facebook’s overall user base continues to grow. This is because it is popular among older people. However, younger users might be migrating from Facebook to Instagram; this is because Instagram seems cooler to the new generation.

Blockchain and Its Potential

Surely, the release of the new Instagram feature excited many individuals. However, in the long run, it might not be enough to prevent users from switching to blockchain. Many new social network startups are beginning to thrive on the new tech. Thus, with the rising adoption of distributed ledgers, the overall future of social networking will change.