Earn Cryptocurrency by Playing Street Fighter 5 Earn Digital Currency by Playing Street Fighter 5; Bitcoin Fans Are Happy

Starting from December 11, Capcom is adding a “sponsored content” option. This business model change will allow Capcom to better advertise to its users who choose to earn extra Fight Money. Additionally, the new feature will allow Bitcoin and other crypto fans to earn cryptocurrency.

Capcom is now expecting to feature more ads. Furthermore, the ads will come in the form of events, content bundles, and extra costumes.

Earn Cryptocurrency with Street Fighter 5 Sponsored Content

The Capcom “sponsored content” option is for its Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition. The option can come in the form of ads for upcoming events, content bundles for the game, and extra costumes. Also, game characters now have an “Ad Style” option. This allows game characters to have sponsored content on clothing; or, it will allow the character itself to display sponsored content. There will also be stage ads.

You have the option to not see ads. This means that even if the sponsored content function is on, you can switch it off in the Settings. Also, you can choose where you see the ads, such as costume ads or stage and loading screen ads.

Earn Cryptocurrency by Playing Street Fighter 5; Bitcoin Fans Are Happy

Bitcoin Fans Play Street Fighter 5 to Earn Cryptocurrency

Previously, when viewing ads, there was no way for an ad watcher to get rewards. But, when users watch the upcoming ads, they can win extra Fight Money, the game’s currency. However, there will be an upper limit on the game currency payouts, which is currently unclear.

This new system threatens to do away with the old commercial systems, where viewers were not rewarded with anything. Previously, if the consumers paid money, they could avoid ads.

Now, the balance of power has shifted; thus, the company decides to pay Street Fighter fans for faithful participation in marketing activities. Indeed, this is an ingenious way for the game to keep its users within the network.

Here Is Why Bitcoin Fans Are Happy

Bitcoin and other digital currency fans are happy. With each digital currency that succeeds, the digital currency economy improves. When one coin or token becomes tradable with another, digital currency technology improves.