YouTube Makes Millions by Making Fun of Google Translate

Most of us know that Google Translate is not always correct. Because of that, people on YouTube tend to mock the online tool. Thus, that results in creators making millions in ad revenues.

One of the most vivid examples is “Translator Fails”. The YouTube channel has close to 800k subs by purely making fun of Google Translate. Moreover, the channel has its faithful fans. Thus, the followers help their creator generate a lot of money in ad revenues.

YouTube Translator Fails Has a Funny Google Translate Song

The YouTube artist “Translator Fails” has a funny Google Translate song. The song is, “You’ve Got a Friend in Me,” and it features Georgia Merry.

In her recent video, the singer of “Translator Fails” makes fun of the famous Toy Story song. As the result, the main protagonist is singing an incorrect translation to the beat of the popular single. There are two girls in the video. On the right side of the screen, one girl is singing the correct song. Additionally, on the other side, there is the other girl who sings the version from Google Translate… One example of this performance includes the phrase “You’ve got a friend in me”. Somehow, Google Translate translated this to “You’re not a friend”.

YouTube Makes Millions by Making Fun of Google Translate

YouTube Harry Music Has over 2.5M Views on Google Translate Song

Harry Music is another successful YouTube channel that enjoys making fun of Google Translate. In one of its songs, the creator copied some recordings of Google Translate’s voice. And then he put the voice over his music. In the end, the creator made a funny Japanese rap song. The success brought the YouTuber over 2.5M views and some cash.

Although the YouTube videos seem silly, they can make a lot of money. Translator Fails generates about $150k per year from ads. Additionally, YouTubers like Translator Fails often sell merchandise and get additional revenues from sites like Patreon. If monetization is done right, you can make a living making fun of Google Translate. It is a legitimate business.