VR Therapy to Help Cardi B Relieve the Pain

Cardi B recently announced a split on Instagram with her husband, Offset. The two got together last September. In July, their daughter Kulture joined the family. Despite the joy, in the midst of cheating rumors, Cardi B announced that the couple fell out of love. The news is painful. However, there might be an easy way for Cardi B to heal her pain. This method is VR therapy.

Cardi B’s Husband Possibly Cheated

Back when Cardi B was pregnant with Offset’s daughter, Offset likely cheated. Texts show that Offset was in touch with another female in June. The female was Summer Bunni. Offset said that he “wanted” Summer Bunni and another female rapper, Cuban Doll. He asked Summer if she could make that happen. Summer replied “Yes,” and they started to arrange the meeting via text. This seems like a message request for a 3-way. And, the 3-way would be without his then-pregnant wife, Cardi B.

In her Instagram video, Cardi B seemed sad. The celebrity stated that it was nobody’s fault. She reminded everyone that he was her daughter’s father. Offset mysteriously responded to the Instagram video that, “Y’all won”. We do not know what this means; but, there seems to be at least one broken heart.

VR Therapy Can Help Relieve the Pain

VR therapy might help with a broken heart. Drug addicts are already using VR therapy to treat their addiction. In the game, they take part in simulations. Over time, these simulations help them learn to get over their drug habit. Similarly, VR therapy has the potential to help with broken hearts. It might require some strength of will to start, though. 

We hope Cardi B the best, as she is one of our favorite personalities. It is difficult, no matter what the situation is, to get over a split. However, VR can prove to be a valuable key.