AR Glasses Help Students Cheat During Exams; NYU and Stanford Are Concerned?

Cheating during school exams is bad. However, a lot of university students choose to do it. Because it is hard to detect cheating at Stanford or NYU, the bad behavior prevails. Moreover, with new tech like Bose Audio Glasses, the situation might get worse.

AR Glasses to Help Students Cheat During Exams

Recently, Bose introduced the world to its new technology, Frames. The new wearable is a stylish combination of glasses, an audio system, and an AR device. It turns out that Bose is not all about fashion. Despite the look, Frames is great for its ability to deliver sound into your ears seamlessly and without detection.

While listening to music via your glasses is cool, Frames is so much more than an accessory. As a fully functional AR device, the new gadget can help you navigate your life. Hence, you can connect easily with Siri, use GPS, or simply call someone via the new Bose product.

The Next Generation of AR Glasses to Help NYU and Stanford Students Graduate?

Some schools began limiting the use of mobile devices on their premises. However, it is hard to do this with glasses. If your eyesight is not good enough, how can you not wear glasses? Certainly, the new AR device is capable of helping students pass exams. However, the progress does not stop right there. Visual AR can be the next step to complement audio AR. Thus, Bose can embed some hidden cameras in the next version of Frames. This will let people hear a voice, as well as see hidden messages through their glasses.

Knowledge and good behavior make a good character. Thus, following the Honor Code in university is probably the right action. However, if cheating is what you choose to do instead of increasing your IQ, the tech is there. You can now stay undetected. It is now up to you.

AR Glasses Help Students Cheat During Exams; NYU and Stanford Are Concerned?