You Can Purchase Swiss AirPods for $39/each; Apple Fans Are Shocked

If you think that Apple AirPods are a great thing to have, but you do not have the money to afford these popular earbuds, you could try HYPHEN Wireless Earbuds. Recently, the Swiss company introduced its invention to the world.

Better Alternative to Apple AirPods?

The Swiss Rolling Square’s “AirPods” (HYPHEN) are a great alternative for Apple Fans who cannot afford AirPods. Offered at the price of $39 each, the new device is 4 times cheaper than a purchase for Apple’s wireless earbuds, which has a current price tag of $159.

When it comes to quality, HYPHEN seems great, too. With its Wireless Charging, Unique Touch Control, Bluetooth 5 Compatibility, 15 Meter Listening Distance, IPX5 Water Resistance, and Seamless Pairing, there are no questions as to why the new “AirPods” raised over $40k during its crowdfunding campaign. Moreover, the fundraising campaign is not over yet.

You Can Purchase Swiss AirPods for $39/each; Apple Fans Are Shocked

Apple Accessories by Third Parties Gain Popularity

In one of my previous articles, I mentioned how the market observes an extreme spike in Apple accessories by third parties. While the spike in accessories might hurt the digital tech monster; there is at least one benefit for Apple. With a rise in high-quality third-party Apple accessories, interest in Apple products will continue to grow.

Better Cases for AirPods

While some companies are trying to design better “AirPods” for iPhone users, other startups are choosing another path; they are offering “better” AirPod cases. For example, Australian HiQ Team raised $85k+ by inventing a “better” AirPod case that protects and charges Apple earbuds wirelessly. Yet another case, PowerPod Case, charges Apple earbuds wirelessly; this startup raised over $33k for the invention.

It seems like “Plus One” solutions for existing brands are the easiest way to go for startups. Rather than “re-inventing the wheel,” a startup can simply design a better cover for the wheel. New iPhone cases, chargers, and AirPods (as well as AirPod cases) appear more tangible to a crowdfunding community than something completely new. By offering items that improve people’s experiences with existing gadgets, startups minimize their risks of being rejected by possible consumers.