Physical Bitcoin Is Now for Sale; Satoshi Nakamoto Is Smiling

A metal coin now promises to hold Bitcoin and other physical cryptocurrencies. While previously cold storage wallets were offered, there was no one that looked like a metal coin. The physical storage device, BlockchainIron, is now available for ordering. Thus, now you have an opportunity to buy your very own “physical” Bitcoin. Unlockable through the coin’s key code, your crypto will now be safe.

How BlockchainIron Works

How BlockchainIron works is that the device functions as a cold storage wallet for cryptocurrencies. You can transfer crypto, such as Bitcoin, back and forth to the coin device, using the device’s address; it looks like a key code. The device itself never connects to a computer and never needs charging. According to the company’s creators, the coin is fire, water, and EMP resistant, meaning that the coin is nearly indestructible. It is also compatible with all crypto exchanges, including Coinbase and Kraken.

To prevent others from accessing your coin, you also have the ability to physically split your coin into several parts. You can split the security key across multiple discs that you can engrave or stamp.

If you need to back up your private key, BlockchainIron also offers its Crypto Coin Vault. Just like the physical metal coin, the Vault also has split key technology and is fire, water, and EMP proof.

Physical Bitcoin Is Now for Sale; Satoshi Nakamoto Is Smiling...

The Physical Bitcoin Is Virtually Indestructible

The coin is made from high-quality metals and comes in several versions, including a version in Damascus Steel. Because the coin does not connect to a computer and is fire, water, and EMP resistant, the creators intended the coin to be safe from cyber or physical vulnerabilities. 

Now that you can realistically buy physical versions of cryptocurrency, albeit using a cold storage wallet in the shape of a metal coin, you can start collecting physical cryptos. Satoshi Nakamoto will be smiling for sure.