Buy An Apartment in VR World for Just $190

VR has advanced to the point where people are now beginning to buy and sell properties in a virtual world. In fact, the company Somnium Space managed to raise over $11K in property sales associated with its virtual reality world.

What Is Somnium Space

Somnium Space is a free and decentralized VR world that has its own marketplace, entertainment tools, and currency. Each individual can enter the virtual world for free, to play games with friends or to watch a virtual show in a theater. Moreover, anyone can purchase a piece of virtual land to benefit from it later.

How to Purchase Virtual Land

One of the most intriguing parts of VR is virtual real estate. Conveniently, you can invest in a piece of virtual land and build your own property. Depending on your intentions, you may choose to build your own virtual conference hall or store, and you can make people pay money for your virtual services. If you are too lazy to imagine, you can choose to resell your property once its price goes up.

Though it seems like a storyline from the famous Ready Player One movie, VR activities become more realistic today. Additionally, the demand is growing by the day.

Buy An Apartment in VR World for Just $190

The Future of VR and Global Economy

VR is what brings new possibilities to the existing world. Once the masses pick up on this trend, the use of Oculus Rift will be an everyday type of activity. As crowds gather in virtual worlds, institutional investors will show an interest in exploring the field, and corporations will begin aggressively promoting their services in decentralized virtual worlds. Who knows? Perhaps, one day Coca-Cola will want to place a banner on your virtual building and pay you a few bucks for it. What you can do today is evaluate the risk of purchasing some VR land for a mere $190. Maybe, one day your investment will turn into $1.9M, or even more.