New Solar Panels Will Reduce Your Electricity Bills to Zero

If you want to reduce your electricity bills to zero, you can install new “Legion Solar 3″ solar panels. The panels do not connect with your existing electric grid system; thus, your electricity company only sees decreased energy consumption. The more panels you install, the more you reduce the electricity that you consume from your electricity company on a day-to-day basis. 

How to Use Legion Solar 3

With Legion Solar 3, you do not need a large installation system or a large upfront deposit. You can go with a 200W option and start using the program. A 300W Starter Set installs in minutes ,and you can begin seeing noticeable results with your electric bill.

Once you set your system up, you can start adding more expansion sets to scale your solar energy system for your daytime usage. Once you have enough excess energy for daylight, you can start adding expansion sets with BatteryCommander for your nighttime consumption. 

In addition to many perks, Legion Solar 3 offers OffGridController, which will give you emergency power during grid power outages and utility company blackouts. This system will get you more freedom and independence from your utility company. With your very own solar energy system, you might not even need to pay regular utility bills anymore.

What Does the Utility Company See

When it comes to utility companies, they only see that you have less electricity consumption. The electricity provider cannot recognize grid-tied solar energy systems by looking at your activities. As a result, you do not need to seek permission from utility companies to approve your solar energy system. You can save on your electricity bills slowly and quietly, until you no longer have to pay them.

Why Solar Panels Are Important

The future of energy, we believe, is solar energy. It is safer for the environment and it costs nothing (if you do not count the equipment). Additionally, your own power source is more predictable than that of third parties. Particularly, we have seen devastating consequences happen to people who lost electricity during recent hurricanes. You would not want to see your relatives without power, and you would not want to be without backup power yourself. In the case of a dangerous scenario, solar panels will help you stay afloat by charging your house and your electric car.

New Solar Panels Will Reduce Your Electricity Bills to Zero