New Data Suggests that Cryptocurrency Will Succeed

As a new asset class, cryptocurrency is a powerful and alluring idea. Certainly, this new global economy that parallels traditional systems of exchange shows up in various ways. Some might see crypto as a fad, as a threat, or as a golden ticket. But, none can deny that cryptocurrency is a breakthrough in the potential of economics.

What Will Happen to ICOs

ICOs (initial coin offerings for new cryptocurrencies) are appearing at a dizzying rate. Meanwhile, the crypto industry pioneer, Bitcoin, has surged and dropped in value over the recent months. These market swings are going to happen, say the experts; they believe that the swings are the cyclical growing pains of an industry that is moving toward larger growth.

Despite the market flux and the critics, digital coins continue to attract massive investments from an increasingly large and legitimate investor base. Operating on peer-to-peer transactions, cryptocurrency is an innovative and highly functional system for exchanging value. The ability to move money without an intermediary is attractive to investors, who save on fees from banks and financial advisors. The enthusiasm for an improved system of exchange is solid; although, any given cryptocurrency may be up or down at the moment.

Cryptocurrency Steps Toward Legitimacy

Lowering the cost of financial transactions is another concrete benefit that appeals to financial institutions. The distributed ledger technology of blockchain could make the banking system more inclusive and profitable.

The recent release of Bakkt – a cryptocurrency platform backed by the Intercontinental Exchange, Microsoft, and Starbucks – heralds a shake-up for financial services and global payments systems. The breakthrough platform will be allowing customers and institutions to exchange digital assets around the world. Given the support of established industry players, this is a bold step toward the legitimization and institutionalization of cryptocurrency. The release of Bakkt will likely cause a surge in buying volume and bring about a bull run.

How to Maximize the Value of Your Cryptocurrency Going Forward

As the market for cryptocurrency grows, using a tool like YouHodler can secure one’s investments and increase one’s cash holdings at the same time. A crypto-backed loan service allows you to leverage your cryptocurrency as collateral to invest in emerging altcoins, in order to maximize your gains. Given the upcoming bull run, a crypto-backed loan is an ideal and immediate way to secure cash and boost your investment returns even higher.

What Is YouHodler?

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