Scientists Confirmed That Afterlife Exists; You Can Hear Voices...

Do you believe that there is an afterlife? Well, science might have confirmed that it exists. It turns out that humans who claimed that they heard everything after they died and came back to life might actually be right. 

Contrary to what humans previously thought, when the heart stops beating, your brain can still be active for several hours. It takes time for your brain to shut down, after all. Thus, you can hear voices and remember what is happening around you during this time period.

The Afterlife Exists

A clinical death is reported when the heart stops beating. However, a doctor, Dr. Sam Parnia, led a study at NY Stony Brook University of Medicine regarding after-death experiences. The team studied patients in the U.S. and Europe, who came back to life after cardiac arrests.

What the doctors found was that the patients who successfully came back to life could recall conversations around them while they were ‘dead.’ Dr. Sam Parnia warned that people who come back to life do not have extra memories, but they only were able to recall the past. 

How Does It Work

Dr. Parnia stated that flatlining might occur around the thinking section of the brain, or the cerebral cortex. Although, brain cells might still be active. As these brain cells are dying slowly, if the heart starts up again and pumps blood into the brain, the brain can start itself back up. Thus, people might be able to remember their experiences when they were dead. The brain cells actually remember everything. So, watch your words the next time you are visiting a relative or a friend in a hospital.

Although science has not yet gotten to the point where it completely figures out the afterlife, there is still hope. It turns out that there is more to life than most people know or can think about. Maybe the old stories about heaven and hell are true. Can science prove that they aren’t?