Deciphering the Bitcoin Crash: What Will Happen to Cryptocurrency?

Big things have been expected for Bitcoin, ever since it first hit the market. Known as the first major cryptocurrency, Bitcoin was largely expected to dominate the currency scene for the foreseeable future. Recent market movements, however, have provided many people with a reason to be critical. While some people predict a dip in prices, others foresee a dip and then a rise.

Why Has the Price of Cryptocurrency Gone Down?

While Bitcoin has dipped before, this dip appears to be the work of insiders. A new company named Bakkt is planning a major launch, which will have a massive impact on both the price of Bitcoin and the general cryptocurrency market. It seems that the price of Bitcoin was intentionally brought down, so that investors could get in at a good price before Bakkt’s launch. Once Bakkt launches, investors expect a huge return on their investment. In fact, some expect up to a 10x return.

It seems as if there is a lot of information that only some might know. Bakkt is associated with the owners of the NYSE. Its launch corresponds with efforts from Starbucks and Microsoft to develop a worldwide platform where customers can use crypto to pay for everyday goods and services.

Predicting the Price of Bitcoin and Surviving the Crypto Winter

While crypto prices have dipped for the moment, we expect them to go back up after Bakkt launches on Jan 24th, 2019. Until then, you will need a way to survive the Crypto Winter. The best way to do this is with a crypto-backed loan like an “Anti-Crisis” loan from YouHodler. YouHodler is a crypto-backed loan provider that offers instant loans and great loan-to-value ratios.

Using YouHodler

As crypto-backed loan companies allow you to use your crypto as collateral, YouHodler and similar services are the perfect tools for you to survive through the Crypto Winter. You simply put down cryptocurrency as collateral for cash, and profit after Bakkt launches. You will be able to live comfortably through the Crypto Winter, and see your crypto profits increase after the end of January next year.