Bicycle Airbag Is a New Invention That Actually Saves Lives

If you have ever fallen off of a bicycle, you know what it feels like. It is an unpleasant feeling of shock and pain. It is great when minor incidents do not involve head injuries. However, you never know. For bicyclists who are looking to protect their heads, even more, the new startup has invented a new cool airbag helmet.

Bicycle Airbag Is a New Invention That Actually Saves Lives

Airbag Helmet to Save Lives

This airbag helmet stays under the radar until you slip, or your bicycle slips. What happens is that the helmet suddenly pops up, and inflates, saving your head from any damage. You can then roll on the ground, as the airbag is also stiff enough to protect your neck. The helmet uses unique sensors to react and inflate in 0.1 seconds.

Helmets of the Future

Helmets in the future might include levitating helmets, which, once they detect that you are about to fall, lift you up into the air. These would be helmet drones that fly above your head when you bicycle. You might even be able to attach GoPro cameras to them, to film your nature experiences.

Transportation of the Future

Transportation of the future can include safer bicycles that can inflate to prevent you from hitting sharp objects. There can also be safer cars that have fire extinguishers in them, or airbags that inflate to help the car float, if it falls off a cliff into the sea. Perhaps one day, even scooters will have inflatable airbags for their riders.

We do not have a looking glass into the future, but there are several features that are in demand for all vehicles. The foremost feature, and the most important one, is safety. No matter how young or old we are, we all need to feel safe when traveling in or on vehicles. Just like each human generation should be better than the one before it, each new generation of tech devices should be better than the one before it.