Starbucks Coffee Can Be a Part of Your DNA

If you think that preference for Starbucks coffee is part of your DNA, you might not be mistaken. Researchers came to the conclusion that the distinct taste that humans experience while drinking coffee is directly linked to their DNA. Depending on your unique genes, you might be more prone to drinking coffee or tea.

Are You a Starbucks Coffee Person

It is hard to explain why people opt to drink one beverage over another. According to the researchers, adults who have the genes for tasting bitter food react differently from children who have these genes. Thus, they might associate these foods differently. This means that genetic taste preferences might change due to culture, associations, and experiences.

Starbucks Coffee Can Be a Part of Your DNA

What Will People Drink in the Future

While coffee and tea are not the only beverages that we can choose from these days, people clearly prefer them. But, however much we like today’s leading coffee and tea brands, there are some healthy alternatives that might one day replace our culture’s favorite caffeinated beverages. If taste preferences due to genetics can change based on culture and long-term associations, people can learn to have acquired tastes for certain foods.

Caffeine-Free Beverages

If you are thinking of healthier alternatives than Starbucks coffee or tea, there are at least six different drinks that you can consider trying out. The list of the beverages includes Kombucha, Yerba Mate, Probiotic Drinks, Coconut Water, Sparkling Water, and Hot Apple Cider. Some drinks might require acquired tastes, depending on your genes.

DNA Makes Us Who We Are

Our genes make us who we are. This can mean that some of us are sensitive tasters and naturally find coffee to be too bitter to drink. If you are one of these people, you can consider other alternatives. Drinks that might be healthier for you might not cost as much as a Starbucks cup of coffee.