Tinder AI will Show You Who to Marry via AR in the Future

In its recent announcements, Tinder claimed to begin the development of a new feature that is similar to the one that Uber and Lyft have. Going by the name “Swipe Surge,” the new upgrade will send out push notifications to its users, to notify them of areas of extreme activity. The first step for the development of Tinder AI is now officially completed.

Tinder Is Making Steps Towards AI

Advanced AI extends human capabilities through artificial means. These days, artificial intelligence is gradually showing up in search engines, email services, and even online shopping applications. It will be hard for companies to compete with each other, without implementing AI in their core business structures.

Following basic logic, it is not hard to predict the future of Tinder in a few years. The company will likely be matching people with each other, in real time. Moreover, it will do so with the help of AR.

Tinder AI will Show You Who to Marry via AR in the Future

Tinder AR to Find a Partner for You, While You Are Walking in Public Places

There is a good possibility that in about 10 years, people will be wearing AR headsets on a regular basis. The new generation of AR will be no different from your glasses. It is only a matter of time before this new trend will dominate the masses. At some point, we will be using AR technology to navigate ourselves in everyday activities.

When it comes to finding significant others, AR headsets will help you speed up the dating process. The Tinder of the future will help you find a partner on the street, by pointing a virtual arrow to the person of your choice. It will be easy and speedy. No longer will you need to spend time on communication. The smart tech will know better what works for you. By analyzing the data that you share with the app, you will provide all the information that AI and AR will need to find a match for you.