Solar Energy to Become a Main Energy Source; Experts Invest in Vivint

In its 2018 report, the International Energy Agency, or IEA, stated that renewables will have the highest growth in the electricity sector, with the growth led by solar PV. With all the focus on renewables and solar energy, one solar company name has cropped up in investment articles: Vivint Solar, Inc.

Solar Energy to Become the Main Energy Source

The International Energy Agency, or IEA, believes that by 2023, renewables will grow to meet 12.4% of global energy demand. One of several renewable energy sources, Solar PV will lead the pack in meeting global electricity generation growth. What this means is that more solutions like the one mentioned in this report will come into being.

Experts Invest in Vivint

When it comes to panels that contain photovoltaic cells, look no further than Vivint. In fact, Vivint Solar, Inc.’s stock price has grown over the past few months in 2018. This is at a time when Sunpower is posting mixed results due to policy-related events with China and SolarCity is underperforming (Only 12 of Tesla’s solar roofs were installed and connected to the grid in Northern California). In contrast, Vivint rallied over 80% in 2017 after Goldman Sachs analysts recommended to Buy. In the same year, the company generated a gross profit of 37.7 million. Vivint’s CEO, David Bywater, pointed out that Vivint wants to offer affordable solar for the masses. 

Solar Industry to Dominate the Market

Due to California’s recent mandates, by 2020, newly constructed CA homes must include solar installations. And, it looks like Vivint is in a position to capitalize on this residential solar industry.

We believe that solar energy will continue on its way to becoming a main energy source in the future. Evidently, regulations are also paving the way for this to happen. With California wildfires happening possibly as a result of PG&E equipment, solar panels for electricity are starting to look like a more attractive option.