New Emojis: Bagel with Cream Cheese, Redheads, and Microbes

Emojis are an important way for us to express ourselves while messaging others. More than an expression of ourselves, the emoji lineup can reflect what today’s values are. Even more, they can reflect what an Internet-based and phone-based community cares about. Emoji 11.0 has been released and Emoji 12.0 is waiting just around the corner. 

New Emojis Released on iOS 12.1

Emoji 11.0 is now available on most major platforms. The new iOS 12.1, which came out on October 30, 2018, includes the new emoji for 2018. Based on the specifics, there are 158 new emojis for 2018, including different skin tone and gender variations. There are also symbols such as a bagel with cream cheese, redhead, and microbes. However unprecedented these emojis might seem, the version 12.0, coming out in 2019, will be much more complex. 

New Emoji Announcement on October 23, 2018

On October 23, 2018, Unicode provided its Emoji 12.0 beta announcement, which is the new emoji release for 2019. It is scheduled for release in March 2019. The Beta version had 236 Emoji Draft candidates, including 61 characters and 175 sequences. The emojis are becoming more complex in today’s liberal atmosphere, with the candidates showing more gender and skin tone varieties, handicap symbols, and LGBTQ alternatives. 

Unorthodox Suggestions for 2019 Emojis

The most outrageous emoji suggestions for the 2019 version included LGBTQ varieties. The holding-hands silhouettes include two women with medium and light skin tones holding hands, as well as two men with light skin tones holding hands. The new designs seem to resonate with today’s modern world, where LGBTQ communities prevail. 

Moreover, emojis that might come out in the future include families with 2 children and a single mother, as well as families with two fathers and two daughters. Others might highlight adopted children such as African American mothers with white children, or Caucasian mothers with African American children. The families might also display single parents such as single mothers or single fathers. 

We do not know specifically what the lineup will be for 2019, but we know that it will be a mix of different gender variations, sexuality variations, and skin tone variations. As this world becomes more multi-national, we are becoming exposed to more and more complexity in our everyday lives.