Etsy Sells a Table with a River in It

Furniture is an important part of our lives. As a child, I remember sitting on the French Carved Louis XVI Style chairs in our kitchen and enjoying a retro vintage Soviet rocking chair in the living room of our tiny apartment. Vivid memories from my childhood life are largely associated with the interior look of my childhood home. Indeed, the environment that surrounds us imprints certain feelings upon us. These feelings later define the way we perceive the world. It looks like the brand, Fine Wooden Creations, understands the importance of good furniture better than many others. Thus, the firm introduced its futuristic table showcasing a “river” inside of it. This brilliant interior piece is now on Etsy, and it is available for sale.

Etsy Sells a Table with a River in It

Table with a River Inside, on Etsy

The Polish brand, Fine Wooden Creations, invented an incredible table that has an imaginary river in between layers of the wood. The top of the table has real turquoise stone embedded in transparent blue glass that looks like a river. The table’s base is made of stainless steel and the table is finished with tung oil. The table is 1 cm thick and is eco-friendly as it consists of natural wood.

This piece of furniture is unrealistically futuristic. It gives one a feeling of enlightenment, transparency, and minimalism.

More Than a Furniture Company

Fine Wooden Creations is more than a furniture company. Another masterpiece that the company created is a longboard with a river inside. More a piece of art than a piece of transportation, this longboard definitely deserves attention.

Etsy Sells a Table with a River in It

Furniture with transparency, minimalism, and bright colors will be predominant in the 21st century. Contrast colors and simple shapes make us feel great about our lives. Because of artistic products designed by companies like Fine Wooden Creations, we manage to enjoy the surrounding elements of our environment even more.