Robots to Save Cirque du Soleil Artists from Dying

Robots are developing more and more capabilities these days. Boston Dynamics was able to build a running robot that can perform parkour-like movements. Additionally, companies are testing new robots that can perform moves like Cirque du Soleil artists. These robots are shaped like humans and are able to grab ropes in mid-air and perform awesome stunts.

Autonomous Robot Stunt Doubles

The world was stunned when a Cirque du Soleil performer, Sara Guyard-Guillot, fell and died while performing in 2013. It became stunned again when another Cirque du Soleil performer, Yann Arnaud, fell and died in 2018; it was his first time performing the specific ambitious routine. The risk of performing stunts at high heights is huge. It is a reminder to us all that one hand can slip and it is the end for you. Additionally, industries such as acting and film have included dangerous stunts for performing on camera, with high risk to the lives of the stuntmen or actors.

Now, Disney Imagineering has come up with its own autonomous robot stunt doubles that can replace these real-life stuntmen. The name of the project is Stuntronics.

Robots to Save Cirque du Soleil Artists from Dying


The Stuntronics robot features a humanoid form, with moves like those of Superman. The robot has laser range finding features and can swing from one wire through mid-air and perform aerial tricks before it lands. It can hit the target on point. You can also reset the robot for the next audience.

Disney is increasingly introducing this type of robotics to its modern-day audience. Disney Imagineering is working on trying to make these robots feel more like humans, when previously Disney robots were more static and unable to move much from their locations.

How to Prevent Cirque du Soleil Deaths

Now, robots might be replacing these human performers, to save the audience from watching so many deaths. The robots are capable of performing the same stunts and jumping from the trapeze. While watching humans perform stunning acrobatics is great, their lives have more value than the momentary thrill that an audience can experience while watching them.