These Mini Skies to Destroy Burton Snowboard

It all started with a pair of skis. People took them up the hills to slide back down with a feeling of adrenaline. Later, the guy Tom Sims invented a snowboard (“skiboard”) by combining skiing and skating together for an even better experience. The Burton board was the snowboard enthusiast’s favorite, up until now. Currently, we are entering the era of Snowfeet.

These Mini Skies to Destroy Burton Snowboard

What Are Snowfeet? Another Revolution in Winter Sports?

A pair of Snowfeet is a mix of skis and skates. If you enjoy sliding down snow-covered hills and slopes, Snowfeet is a new way of getting an adrenalin rush. Similar in function to skis, Snowfeet are perfect for snowparks. The distinct feature, though, is that these new winter wearables give you exceptional flexibility when it comes to performing maneuvers and tricks. The Snowfeet are compact and lightweight.

Specs and Features

One pair of Snowfeet is only $129. The wearables consist of fiberglass-reinforced material. The features of this new invention include heel brakes that let you slow down when necessary and adjustable bindings that let you attach your Snowfeet to your shoes.

On the plus side, you can use Snowfeet with any type of shoes. However, the company suggests that you wear either winter shoes or snowboard shoes while you slide. One size fits all, which is awesome for gifting these items or passing them down.

These Mini Skies to Destroy Burton Snowboard

More Affordable Than Burton Snowboard

If you think about it, for many individuals the sport of skiing or snowboarding is not very affordable or accessible. For example, a good new snowboard will usually cost you $300+, excluding bindings and other add-ons. On top of that, skiing or snowboarding with your own equipment requires you to have a car that can transport lengthy winter equipment. I myself experienced issues moving my 157cm snowboard using a smart car. To move my snowboard, I had to install inflatable racks on the rooftop of my vehicle.


As this world gets more convenient, things around us begin changing their shapes and structures. Due to the importance of simplicity, inventions like Snowfeet stand out.