New Tech to Protect Your Amazon Packages from Thieves

For those of you who live in unsafe neighborhoods or neighborhoods with a high chance of boxes going missing, how would you like a solution? BoxLock offers just that. Having lived in a neighborhood where my Amazon deliveries sometimes went missing, I wish there was this invention. Today, you can take advantage of what many of us craved in the past.

BoxLock is a box with a lock on it that will unlock when it scans and matches your shipment’s barcode. This is one way to make sure that thieves do not lay their hands on your hard-earned Amazon merchandise.

BoxLock for Amazon

As BoxLock is actively working on partnering with mail delivery programs such as UPS, USPS, FedEx, and Amazon, we can assume that the company-inventor is serious. The locks are meant to deter the types of thieves in your neighborhood who like to do the grab-and-run procedure. Additionally, the box is made of a tamper resistant zinc. Thus, those bad boys or girls cannot easily poke a hole in your box.

If you are sick and tired of calling Amazon to try to get another order (not that we are complaining about Amazon, their service is great), you can save your time by ordering one of these boxes for the mailman’s deliveries. All that the mailman has to do is to scan the barcode, put the package inside the box, and close the lock. You will get a notification on your phone when this happens.

New Tech to Protect Your Amazon Packages from Thieves

The Time It Takes

The tests found out that it takes the mailman only a matter of seconds to go through the BoxLock procedure. For mail delivery services, this new box solution can save them customer service time on stolen deliveries. That is a good reason for them to work with this BoxLock program.

Even if this invention does not work or is not profitable, the concept is still out there. We are willing to refer it to our friends (including you), as the new lock might help you save some of your merchandise and time.