Mini Dinosaurs Were Populating Earth 12M Years Ago

There is a type of Ape that roamed the Earth about 12.5 million years ago. It mainly ate leaves, and it averaged to about 8 pounds when fully grown. The scientists believe that the Ape died out due to food competition for the same leaves with other monkeys. It is possible that if there were Apes that were this small 12.5 million years ago, tiny dinosaurs existed back then too.

After all, chickens descended from those dinosaurs, didn’t they? Let’s explore further.

People Can Create Their Own Dinosaurs

People can potentially create their own dinosaurs to mimic those of Jurassic Park. And we meant living dinosaurs. Scientists have crossed the DNA of dinos with those of chickens, so that they have created chicken embryos. The researchers still have not received the approval to hatch these embryos. However, if the specific embryos hatch, they might have the faces of dinosaurs and the bodies of chickens.

One person is taking it one step further – to create an exact replica of a dinosaur. He is doing it for the purposes of creating a dinosaur pet. Meet Jack Horner, the inspiration behind Jurassic Park’s Alan Grant. He wants to unlock, or retro-engineer, the ancestral genes of birds to create his own dinosaur pet. This is madness!

Mini Dinosaurs Were Populating Earth 12M Years Ago
The Good Stuff

Re-Creating Tiny Apes and Tiny Dinosaurs

According to Jack Horner, we can create a unicorn pretty easily, if we wanted to. This is because we have been doing transgenetic engineering for a while. You know what this means, right? It opens the door to a whole world of other engineering possibilities, such as creating our own tiny pet dinosaurs and tiny pet apes. Think about the type of pet that you want, and you can possibly re-create it.

Albeit, these tiny dinosaurs will still be a chicken. We are using the chicken to switch their genes on and switch them off, to make their early ancestor, the dinosaur. No DNA is being changed. According to Jack Horner, retro-engineering a chicken to create its ancestral dinosaur is just like breeding any other animal for domestication. While we do not agree, due to the potential dangers of breeding a dinosaur and getting carried away with the project, this idea fascinates us nonetheless.