Smart Kids Are Building Real Mars Rovers to Help SpaceX and NASA

To begin programming, young Bill Gates needed special access to Washington University’s computer lab. This technology was a privilege back in those days. However, things have changed drastically since that time period. Day by day, technology is becoming more and more accessible. Not only can an individual code freely on a personal laptop, but now, anyone can create a Mars Rover at home. Will space enthusiasts help SpaceX and NASA speed up the Mars exploration process?

Kids Build Mars Rovers to Help SpaceX and NASA

With the help of Creator Bots, children can now learn how to code and design their own Mars Rovers. The Kit can educate kids in a fun and entertaining way. All that one needs to do is to order a kit, follow the instructions, and build a robot.

Kids Build Mars Rovers to Help SpaceX and NASA
Creator Bots

Creator Bots Follows Elon Musk’s Approach

Elon Musk was not happy with the traditional school system. Thus, he built his own little school for his children. The educational establishment is called Ad Astra, and it is located in Los Angeles.

One of the school’s fundamental principles involves teaching children problem-solving skills. According to Musk, this skill is missing in the traditional education approach. Instead of teaching about tools and how they work, Elon Musk believes that it’s more effective to focus on an object itself and to let students figure out the methods and tools needed to manage work with the object. In other words, instead of teaching children “screwdrivers,” it’s better to show them an engine and ask them to figure out ways of taking that engine apart. The relevance of the tools becomes apparent throughout the process.

Likewise, the Creator Bots team seems to follow a similar logic in designing their product. The team develops ways of triggering a child’s brain to help it learn at a faster speed. While the kit is perfect for children who are fond of robotics, programming, and technology, anyone can try to build a Mars Rover. Complex education becomes fun when there is a proper approach.