Starbucks Coffee

Human senses are what make food and drink, especially coffee liquids, enjoyable. Many coffee consumers go to Starbucks and other coffee chains just for the pleasure of adding shots of flavor to their average drink. These flavors heighten the coffee-drinking experience by making it a memorable one.

Recently, the startup KRUVE began capitalizing on the pleasure of drinking coffee like a connoisseur. The company’s coffee cup allows an individual to experience wine-like sensations while drinking coffee. The fancy cup enhances aroma, flavor, touch, sight, and even sound of one’s experience. Starbucks might even follow suit.

Starbucks Coffee in KRUVE EQ

Unlike your average Starbucks coffee mug, this simple-looking glass cup is there to make you have a stimulating experience while drinking your morning coffee. This cup has all sorts of engineering built into it. That includes the surface areas for liquid, the length of the funnel, and the way the cup looks. The design of the cup is aesthetic.

There are two cups on offer, including the EXCITE cup and the INSPIRE cup. The inner coffee cup for EXCITE has a larger surface area for drinking and a shorter height that holds the coffee. The EXCITE cup is supposed to soften the acidity of the coffee, and drinks in this cup are meant to be paired with nutty flavors. The other alternative, the INSPIRE coffee cup, has a smaller surface area for drinking and a longer funnel capacity for holding the coffee. Drinks in the INSPIRE cup are meant to be paired with citrusy and light roasts. Both EXCITE and INSPIRE look the same on the outside. On the inside, the cups are different.

New Starbucks Coffee Cups Activate All Human Senses

Coffee and Canada’s Obsession

Furthermore, Kruve has pointed out that there are various coffee flavors that can be tested in this cup product. We are also aware of many flavors, from our visits to Starbucks. Finally, Kruve is based in Canada. As many of us know, Canada is number 3 in the world when it comes to counting up coffee consumption. Thus, we assume that Kruve knows exactly what to do when it comes to coffee flavor enhancement. Given the exorbitant price for its coffee, Starbucks should have engineered its cups to provide an even better experience.