Latvian Man Designed a Gum That You Can Chew Forever (Literally)

One of the most attractive features on a man is a strong jaw. If you are a man with a strong jawline and a good suit, your chances are higher for attracting a female. The attractiveness of a strong jawline is the premise for this new invention, an everlasting food-grade silicone gum called CHISELL. This gum is FDA-approved and the team, led by Latvian Dmitrii Vasiukov, collaborated with a rocket scientist on the design of the gum.

Latvian Man Designed a Gum That You Can Chew Forever (Literally)


Above all, CHISELL is designed to be a natural way to strengthen your jawline, without the use of surgery. Indeed, the price of a CHISELL gum is equivalent to the price of a restaurant visit. This is much cheaper than the price of a surgery to fix one’s jawline.

The recommended gum “exercise” each day is 10 minutes. This means that you can chew CHISELL on the train, the bus, or any other form of commute. You can even chew it while you are working out. This product promises to deliver quick results, as 2 CHISELLs give you a total of 150 pounds of resistance in your jaw. No wonder why it only takes a short while to get quick results!

CHISELL had many tweaks and re-designs that made it the way it is today. It currently has a 2-piece design that puts pressure on your molar teeth when you chew it.


The gum helps you develop your masseter muscle, which enhances the way your jaw looks. You can even chew 2 CHISELL gums side-by-side, on each side of your jaw, to develop a more symmetrical look on your jaw.

On top of its many features, CHISELL is easy to clean. All you need to do is rinse it out after each use. Who would want jaw surgery, with all of its unwanted side effects, when you can opt for the CHISELL jaw solution?