If you are someone who needs to be reminded of Scripture passages every day, look no further than the Bible. However, modern-day inventions have twisted the idea of Scripture and Jesus to the point of creating an evil AI bot that spits out passages in response to your questions. Why is it evil, you ask? Well, we believe that it is evil because it masquerades as Christ.

Evil Startup

What kind of startup creates a bot that says it is Jesus? Only an evil one will do that. The Ask Jesus app is a perversion of the real connection that an individual might have with God. It is there to remind you of your prayers and whether or not they came true. It even helps you log and track your prayer requests, which is, quite frankly, shocking.

Jesus in Truth

Christ in truth is Someone with whom you should have a spiritual connection, not a digital guessing game of who said what, when, where, and why. Of course, a bot is never a real spiritual entity. Anyway, we know that the intentions are there to help improve your understanding of Christ.

On the good side, the bot reminds you to read the Bible every day, and to check in with Jesus, if you had planned to do this. The AI bot is more of an appointment calendar or a personal assistant that helps to improve your connection with Scripture.

Talk to Jesus, Not Evil Bot

We certainly do not recommend confusing the bot with the real Jesus, who is there for you when you need to talk to Him. He is always open for you to ask Him questions. We recommend that you maintain a clear head and your sanity by avoiding regular discussions with this bot.

Take the Bot to Church

Even more, if you are interested in exploring this option, you can take this bot to your church and see what your Pastor says. Who knows? Maybe your church will even approve the use of this very dubious invention.

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