New Jet Blue Airplanes to Save Every Passenger During Crash

One of the biggest risks associated with a plane taking off is that the plane malfunctions. If this happens, there is a chance that you, as well as people around you, might lose your lives in some terrible accident. However, what if there is a higher chance that you might be saved on a new plane with passenger-saving technology? Will you be willing to pay 15% extra more on your ticket… let’s say, your Jet Blue ticket?

There is now a concept where a plane can eject a parachutic capsule, containing passengers and cargo, into the air to save the passenger capsule. Even Jet Blue can adopt this concept for its planes, and people will be happy to pay 15% more for their plane tickets to save their lives, as well as their loved ones’ lives.

Aircraft with Capsule to Save Passengers

The concept for the aircraft with the capsule to save passengers includes releasable capsule attachments and parachutes. During an emergency, the plane releases the capsule, which falls back and deploys its parachutes. The attached parachutes level off and reach parallel heights, carrying and pulling the passenger capsule underneath.

The parachutes are good for two emergency scenarios during plane take-off, including landing on the ground and landing on water. If the capsule lands on the ground, floats under the capsule balloon out and help ensure a cushioned landing. The passengers can then step out onto the ground. If the capsule lands on water, its flotation devices inflate along the bottom of the capsule, allowing it to float.

New Jet Blue Airplanes to Save Every Passenger During Crash

Jet Blue Ticket Cost

Jet Blue is a well-known low-cost airline company, and its culture includes a focus on saving lives, such as special terms that allow passengers to carry small self-inflating life jackets. What if a low-cost airline company such as Jet Blue offers you a higher-priced ticket for a new type of airplane that can potentially eject and save its passengers during the crash?

Concept Adoption

If airline companies such as Jet Blue are properly incentivized, mass-market capsule concept adoption might become a reality. According to a questionnaire, 95% of people are willing to purchase a more expensive life-saving ticket. They can even pay 15% more, for a higher chance of saving their lives and their relatives’ lives. Now, that’s quite an incentive for an airline.