This Startup Is Likely to Take over After Apple Dies Out

Planet Computers, a startup based in London, UK, recently introduced its new flagship device, the Cosmo Communicator. It is a modern dual-screen mobile communicator with an integrated keyboard and clamshell design. It is the only device that you will need to carry for calling, working, and taking pictures. On top of that, the gadget is small enough to fit into your pocket! If launched into the mass market, this device will surely win the enthusiasm of some Apple users.

Startup Project Cosmo Communicator: Cool Details

The startup’s Cosmo Communicator has some cool details and allows the user to have a great experience. The device features an external ultra-wide, 6-inch color touchscreen display, with ample space for your fingers. Cosmo’s newly designed backlit keyboard is fully integrated and allows you to comfortably work at night or in dark spaces, such as on long plane journeys, without the need for external lighting. The clamshell also acts as a support for the device, allowing you to type comfortably.

Cosmos has toggle switch, which provides security for the device with an integrated fingerprint sensor and call answer button. The fingerprint sensor allows you to hold the phone in portrait mode and avoid accidentally accepting phone calls. To take a selfie or for a quick picture, you can operate the 24-megapixel camera, zoom, and flash without opening the clamshell.

The world-wide LTE phone modem helps make the Cosmo phone fast enough to be able to handle dual-sim 4g connections for both phone calls and data connections. The gadget also features Bluetooth, NFC, and Wifi.

This Startup Is Likely to Take over After Apple Dies Out

Cosmo Communicator: Core

Cosmo’s chipset is based on Mediatek P70 (8-core) processor, plus separate GPU (ARM MALI G72 [email protected]) and APU (Dual-core mobile AI processors). Cosmo has a large 4220 mAh battery that can provide 2 days of usage, a massive RAM of 6GB, and 128 GB of flash memory. It has Linux-based operating systems, with a multi-boot option. It will even allow you to run the Microsoft Office Android app, as well as Planet Computers’ own PDA software suite, including AGENDA (calendaring & to-do lists), NOTES (note-taking and dictation), DATA (database app), AIRMAIL (email client).

Using the Gadget

Cosmo allows you to work in restricted spaces comfortably, such as small café tables, bars, planes, trains, etc. You can hold the Cosmo and use it with ease while in the car, standing up, or on the bus. It’s a tiny all-in-one replacement for your mobile phone, laptop, and camera. Imagine saving hundreds if not thousands, and just getting this one small item for your needs!

Move over, Apple bureaucracy. Pretty soon, users will be tired of a poor customer experience. Startup Planet Computers has just come up with a cool new gadget, and it’s the Cosmo Communicator.