You Can Now Photoshop Any Object in Real Life (Not Just on a Photo)

We can experience exciting and artistic moments when it comes to Photoshop software. Some people like to Photoshop items out of their pictures, some individuals use this software to add things to their pictures, and some folks like to use Photoshop to set specific colors on pictures.

For this last group, the company Scribble has created the world’s first color picker pen.

Photoshop in Real Life: Color Picker

A Scribble Pen is a color picker tool that can scan and recreate any color. All you need to do is to hold the pen to the item’s colored area and to scan the area. Then, the pen recreates the item’s color for a custom choice. How it works is that the pen creates custom colors using its own ink.

This new invention is a true technological advancement for artists. It seems like this pen came straight from a fantasy movie.

Photoshop in Real Life: More Than a Pen

Photoshop in Real Life: More Than a Pen

The Scribble is more than just a fun tool. It contains complex technology with cross-platform compatibility mode. With Scribble, one can even scan a color and transfer it into Photoshop or CorelDRAW.

  • If you want to paint your living room to the color of your favorite curtains/furniture, scan the specific color using your pen. You can save your pick and order matching paint.
  • Do you have difficulty shopping for clothes that complement the specific color of your shoes? Scribble can help you with your selection.
  • If you want to order the perfect makeup foundation for your skin tone, just scan your skin color using the Scribble Pen.

Photoshop in Real Life: More Than a Pen

Photoshop in Real Life: Batteries and Ink

Scribble is not only a trendy gadget, but it is also a hyper-economical new technology that uses rechargeable batteries. These batteries can last for up to 15 hours of non-stop work.

The Pen also comes with easy-to-replace ink cartridges. One cartridge is enough for 30 miles of ink. When the ink is gone, you can easily refill the cartridge. The cartridge can be refilled for less than $10.

Photoshop in Real Life: More Than a Pen

No matter how old or young we are, technologies like Scribble can help bring new perspectives into our lives. For professional artists (including makeup artists, stylists, and graphic designers), Scribble can help you attract clients and raise your game.