Stop, drop, and roll. This was the phrase that we learned in school for situations when we caught on fire. A few decades ago, the technology to help people in situations of fire was not as developed as it is today.

Nowadays, there is a new futuristic AR technology that helps firefighters locate people. These are Qwake Tech C-THRU goggles that allow firefighters to see in hazardous situations and zero-visibility environments full of smoke.

New Futuristic AR to Help Firefighters Find People Differently

New Futuristic AR: Goggle Tech

The AR goggles have fire event recording and live streaming technology, allowing firefighters to connect with incident command wirelessly. The gadget contains a high-speed thermal camera, with edge detection and hotspot ID.

New Futuristic AR: Menlo Park, CA Field Test

The Menlo Park, CA fire department tested the equipment in C-THRU’S first field test and achieved great success in terms of shortening the time needed for a mission. When you have about 10-15 minutes of air – every single drop of air counts. With that being said, the new tech is likely to help firefighters save a higher number of people in the future.

The field trial results had a 267% performance improvement over the most advanced thermal imaging devices on the market. As a result of the goggles, the average mission time decreased from 4.5 minutes to 1.6 minutes.

New Futuristic AR: Goggle Experience

Some firefighters found the new goggles to be impressive. The device was compared to technology from a superhero movie. No doubt, the gadget allows one to operate like a hero. After putting these goggles on, you can see the entire environment in great detail, from wall-to-wall, even in intense smog-filled conditions.

New Futuristic AR to Help Firefighters Find People Differently

New Futuristic AR: Saving Lives

The Qwake Tech C-THRU goggles prove to be extremely effective. Let’s just hope that the new device gets approved for the market. This world needs more superheroes.