North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un speaks during his New Year's Day speech on Jan. 1, 2018.

According to South Korean officials, their neighbors up north stole tens of millions of dollars from cryptocurrency exchanges last year. Either Kim Jong Un is just a huge crypto-nerd or he is up to something. One things’ for sure, America isn’t happy about it. Will North Korea destroy the world with digital currency?


Kyodo News in South Korea reported that North Korean phishing scams and other techniques resulted in tens of billions of stolen cryptocurrency in 2017. The National Intelligence Service (NIS) also believes the same hackers are behind January’s attack in which over $500 million worth of crypto-coins were stolen. While North Korea has not been officially charged with anything, many are wondering what Kim Jong Un will do with all that money?


So what is Kim Jong Un doing with all this cryptocurrency? Well, he certainly isn’t donating it to NGO’s or anything like that. Most likely, he’s buying private islands and partying it up with Dennis Rodman. A few other sources say North Korea is using digital currency to buy/sell drugs, weapons, sex slaves and other “business opportunities.” But what’s the end game here? We all know the North Korean economy is in shambles. This might be a way to reverse that. Others think Kim Jong Us is raising money for a war against America. BUt Trump has another plan in mind.


If Kim Jong Un is using these funds to build weapons, why can’t Trump do the same? After all, America has tons of intellectuals at hand. Sadly, many go unnoticed. Every year, the government cuts educational funding. As a result, the greatest minds in America are silent. Trump has a chance to fix this all though.

By using innovative platforms such as YouToken, genius innovators have access to funding through investors like never before. These people might have the cure for cancer or a plan to defend against nuclear attacks. But without any money, the don’t have a voice. Hence, America should act now. They should use this technology for something greater than simply making money. The future of Earth might depend on it.